The Great Convergence Of Thought And Action At Point Of Work

Convergence Is Happening With Us…Or Without Us “Great” things are popping up lately, like the Great Resignation, the Great Retirement, and the Great Reshuffle as three examples. I am not swayed by the hype because these all point to one common denominator—change, and the need to lead it. It is my opinion that we are … Read more

How Does A Niche-Specific eLearning Business Directory Work

Steps To Create A Niche-Specific eLearning Business Directory Listing The COVID-19 crisis has moved many L&D programs online. It’s a new business boom for eLearning content providers, but that also means that competition is growing steeper by the day. Fortunately, a niche-specific eLearning business directory can help springboard your marketing strategy. It’s free, low-maintenance, and … Read more

Performance Support At Point Of Work

Optimizing Workflow Performance In any industry that has multiple diverse workflows and processes with many steps and roles tasked with execution, there seems to be a consensus that “one-size-fits-all” training is not a sustainable solution. Training of that nature cannot be targeted enough to reach the point of work where actual performance takes place. A … Read more

20 Catchy Mom Phrases that Really Work

Mom phrases, mom expressions, mom quotes, whatever you want to call these, they’re still all amazing. All these strong moms shared these phrases that help your child grow and learn. There are mom phrases that work. These strong mom quotes are wise. And whether you’re a new mom, working mom, single mother, this wisdom always … Read more

A Relational Framework For Work Power Dynamics

A Recipe For The Digital Age: No More Employees The word “employee” is getting re-evaluated. Groups of individuals cooperate to achieve specific goals in companies. Hence, companies have collaborators whom they still call employees. This is a mistake. Companies have collaborators. Recognizing the distinction is the first step in rebalancing the power dynamics in the … Read more

Custom eLearning Benefits For The Future Of Work

Benefits Of Bespoke eLearning There’s always the option to purchase off-the-shelf training solutions. But that often limits personalization, as the content may not align with your brand image or desired outcomes. Then there’s custom content development in-house. However, this route puts a strain on your L&D team, development timeline, and budget. Thankfully, there is a … Read more