Student well-being is critical–here’s how to support it

Student well-being has a direct impact on student motivation, engagement, and learning. In short, their social and emotional well-being has a long-term impact. It is absolutely critical that educators learn to support student well-being. Skills such as self-awareness and self-management are also critical for effective collaboration and learning. And when school leaders support overall student … Read more

Riverside Insights and Educator Impact Partner to Improve Student Well-being and Enrich School Cultures

ITASCA, Ill. – May 6, 2022 – Riverside Insights®, a leading developer of research-based assessments and analytics, today announced a new partnership with Educator Impact, an international, Australian-based Ed Tech company dedicated to enriching school cultures through student and staff well-being “pulse checks.” Educator Impact’s Pulse product, on its easy-to-use platform, provides key insights to … Read more

Riverside Insights and 7 Mindsets Partner to Improve Student Well-being with Lessons for SEL

ITASCA, Ill. – March 24, 2022 – Riverside Insights®, a leading developer of research-based assessments and analytics, today announced a new partnership with 7 Mindsets to offer Lessons for SEL, a cloud-based solution featuring a streaming platform of video lessons and social and emotional learning (SEL) content With specific focuses on self-awareness, social awareness, self-management, … Read more

6 Tips To Build A Culture Of Well-Being That Promotes Wellness

6 Tips To Support The Well-Being Of Your Remote Employees Manager support matters greatly to employees. In fact, managers are a deciding factor in the level of satisfaction employees experience in the workplace. However, even if your company has every intention to take all necessary measures to keep everyone feeling motivated and valued, the framework … Read more

6 Convincing Reasons To Invest In Workforce Well-Being

Why Are Workforce Well-Being Programs Important? In recent years, actions to improve employee wellness are becoming popular among businesses. However, as there are no straightforward ways to measure the effects of such programmes, many employers hesitate to implement them. If you’re having doubts yourself, read on to discover 6 convincing reasons why you should invest … Read more

Impact Of Remote Working On Employee Well-Being

Remote Employee Burnout And Employee Well-Being Working from home has become a new constant for a large portion of the global workforce in the past few years. Although at first many relished the ease of not having to commute and wearing comfortable clothes while working, it didn’t take long for adverse effects to make their … Read more

What Are The Pillars Of Employee Well-Being?

Understanding The 5 Fundamental Pillars Of Remote Employee Well-Being Employee well-being has become a priority for employers in the business world for quite a while now. This usually includes perks that employees to improve their physical health and fitness levels, such as gym memberships. However, the drastic changes of the past few years have brought … Read more