Video-Based Practice And Coaching In The Workplace

How Can Video-Based Practice And Coaching Transform Your Business? In recent years, HR departments have leaned into coaching and mentoring to support employees in achieving their maximum potential. And organizational with processes moving to digital environments, mentoring relies more and more on technology. Most recently, video-based practice has risen in popularity, as humans have the … Read more

What Is Video-Based Learning? – eLearning Industry

Benefits And Examples Of Video-Based Learning Videos are a highly effective tool to use in eLearning. They not only reduce cognitive load but also grab viewer attention and increase learner engagement. There are various reasons as to why eLearning videos make for a powerful learning experience for digital learners. They compel consumption and improve retention … Read more

Training Scenarios Where Video-Based Learning Fits

Video-Based Learning Scenarios With Examples Video-based learning has some major benefits, especially when it comes to corporate training. You can cover a wide range of topics in your training videos that cover real-life challenges at the workplace, describe a standard operating procedure (SOP) or a typical process in action, or explain a typical safe or … Read more