Qualifications To Consider For Your Next VR Training Outsourcing Partner

How To Judge VR Training Vendor Suitability One of the perks of hiring a VR training outsourcing partner is borrowing their expertise. They bring all their unique skills and experience to your project. But which qualifications should you look for? Are there particular talents that minimize outsourcing risks? And how do you even evaluate vendor … Read more

Provide Training Feedback With These 6 Activities

6 Online Training Tools For Discreet Performance Feedback You want employees to get their hands dirty and learn from mistakes; test out new approaches and not be afraid of failure because every attempt builds real-world experience. But how do they know which areas to work on based on their training task performance, especially if they … Read more

Things To Look For In VR Training Vendor Pages, Portfolios, And Listings

What To Consider When Vetting VR Training Vendors At this point, all the vendor profiles start to blend together. You’ve looked at so many company bios and reviews. Finally, you’re able to dive into the outsourcing shortlist. What should you look for? More importantly, are there any warning signs to keep on your radar? Shopping … Read more

Informal Learning In Compliance Online Training

3 Benefits And 3 Drawbacks Of Informal Learning In Your Compliance Online Training Course Informal education usually refers to things you learn unconsciously. For example, infants learn to speak informally. They listen to the adults around them speak, and they pick up words, syntax, and intonation. When they go to school and learn to read … Read more

Training Categories: How Your Stakeholders Think

Their Reality Should Be Your Training Reality Generally, leaders view training (yes, I refer to it as “training” not “learning” since this is how stakeholders refer to it) from one of three perspectives. Each of these perspectives depends on the intent and the requirements to be fulfilled by your learning efforts. The three generally accepted … Read more

8 Insider Secrets To Draft A Top-Notch RFP For VR Training Companies

How To Draft A Quality RFP For VR Training Companies You’ve been secretly eyeing vendors for weeks, covertly perusing their online portfolios and landing pages. Now it’s time to make your presence known. That may be overdramatic, but vendor vetting involves a lot of behind-the-scenes work and RFPs are your first contact with VR training … Read more

Transform Your Customer Training With Microlearning

6 Microlearning Ideas For Customer Training Customer training can be the beginning of a beautiful journey. By training your customers, you ensure they’ll understand your value proposition and be able to use your products or services in the most efficient way. This will increase customer satisfaction, turn them into long-term users, and, ultimately, ambassadors for … Read more

Is Health And Safety Training Worth A Company’s Investment?

What Is Health And Safety Training? Health and safety training has become essential given the risks in manufacturing. These workplaces have hazards that can’t be ignored due to the use of machines. There are also risks, such as asbestos and slips, present on a construction site. All the employees have to be acquainted with such … Read more