Using eLearning Effectively: Top 10 Tips

Best Practices For Effective eLearning Campaigns There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of what creates an effective eLearning campaign, as the success of any given eLearning program will depend on the specific objectives and goals that the program is designed to achieve. However, there are some general principles that can be applied to … Read more

Making indoor air quality a top priority

As schools move toward making masks optional for students and teachers, concerns are turning to the best ways to mitigate COVID-19 infections—and indoor air quality is a major concern. With students back in physical classrooms, air quality must take priority regardless of a district’s mask policy. But how can district leaders address the varying … Read more

7 Top Training Games Misconceptions And The Realities Behind Them

Top Myths And Truths About Training Games Many organizations avoid serious games because they assume they’re too costly to implement or that they detract from the training objectives. They’ve bought into the misconceptions of game-based learning and can’t justify the investment. What they don’t know is that these myths rob them of all the GBL … Read more

Top strategies to keep your district networks secure

COVID closed in-person classrooms and also gave a boost to cyberthreats to school district networks. As data security breaches—including ransomware attacks, phishing, and unauthorized disclosures—show no sign of slowing, K-12 IT leaders need to be ready. IT teams understand how important cybersecurity measures are, but many struggle to pinpoint where to begin when their … Read more