Talking Learning Science, ROI, And Rebranding With Dr. Jerry Zandstra

Talking L&D Shop With Dr. Zandstr Today, we’re speaking with Jerry Zandstra, Ph.D., who is the Chief Strategy Officer of MindSpring (formerly Inno-Versity). Dr. Zandstra holds several advanced degrees, including two master’s degrees and two doctorates. He has taught economics at the MBA level for 10+ years and has been a director at a think … Read more

eLearning Business Directory: Impact On ROI

How Does An eLearning Business Directory Impact Marketing ROI? You need maximum marketing returns for minimal investment. That’s the only way to make a profit and drum up new business for your eLearning company. There are many promotional tools to choose from, but an eLearning business directory should be at the top of your list … Read more