Quick ‘n Easy Giant Paper Pinwheels with Printable Template

Let’s make DIY pinwheels, but not just any paper pinwheels, let’s make giant pinwheels! This pinwheel craft is one of the best summer crafting ideas for kids of all ages. Use our printable pinwheel template with some simple supplies like colored paper, pin and homemade pencil, to make the most amazing pinwheel. Let’s make paper … Read more

AI Paper Graders For eLearning

How Are AI Paper Graders Helping eLearning? There has been a great improvement in eLearning solutions all over the world, but such solutions can yield better results when Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used. AI has been proven to be highly effective. Machine learning has become a part of our daily lives. Whenever we use apps … Read more

Make the Cutest BFF Paper Bracelets with Printable Friendship Bracelet Template

I love these printable paper bracelets that you can do as a BFF craft together as a friendship bracelet craft. Best Friends Forever! This cute BFF craft for 2 friends (or more!) start with our free friendship bracelet template you can download and print. Then color and make paper friendship bracelets. They are simple wristbands … Read more