Student Portfolios Online In A Real-Life Ecosystem

Positioning Blogger For Formative Management Some countries like Canada have begun to adopt—on a large scale—formative assessment using the portfolio assessment system. That’s the good news! However, these systems often come with legacy technology, such as cardboard three-ring binders and pen and ink worksheet printouts. Meanwhile, the rest of the country, including the students themselves, … Read more

Informal Learning In Compliance Online Training

3 Benefits And 3 Drawbacks Of Informal Learning In Your Compliance Online Training Course Informal education usually refers to things you learn unconsciously. For example, infants learn to speak informally. They listen to the adults around them speak, and they pick up words, syntax, and intonation. When they go to school and learn to read … Read more

7 Reasons Why You Should Add Shareable Quizzes In Online Training

7 Ways To Enrich Your Learning Experience With Shareable Quizzes The digital age is all about sharing. People share pics of their family vacation and pet antics on social media…and possibly even overshare about recent relationships. It’s heavily rooted in our need for social interaction. Even the most introverted among us enjoy perusing posts from … Read more

Online Collaborative Learning: 5 Tips For Success

Five Tips To Impact Online Collaborative Learning Imagine participating in an online learning program where you are part of a team that feels engaged, connected, and supported by one another despite team members residing in locations throughout the US or even globally. The team members trust each other, make decisions as a team, and provide … Read more

Online Tutor App Development: Important Features

Vital Features For Online Tutor App Development Online tutor app development is a must-have phenomenon for educational institutes. Since the widespread use of smartphones and digital devices has become common, people are more often using mobile applications for accomplishing their routines. Digitalization has impacted the world with a positive attitude, and the education sector has … Read more

Online Assessment For Performance Management

The Benefits Of Online Assessment Methods Performance management training is the lifeblood of your organization. It identifies issues that compromise your brand image, monitors employee development, and modifies behaviors that aren’t conducive to your success. But how do you know which areas staffers need to work on in order to hone skills and improve task … Read more

Online Homework Help: Why Students Seek It

Benefits Of Online Assignment Assistance Homework is a common and widespread educational activity. Yet, doing homework creates multiple challenges for students. In this article firstly you will get an idea about what challenges are faced by the students and then an overview of why students seek online homework help. Challenges Faced By Students 1. Unintended … Read more

Online Tutoring For GCSE Exam Preparation

The eLearning Advantage: GCSE Exam Preparation with Online Tuition Learning has become valuable and straightforward for students and adults with online platforms. Online tutoring for GCSE exam preparation is the only potential source of education that we have in this pandemic situation. Apart from safe learning, it offers many additional advantages. Schools adopt online programs, … Read more

Ease Employee Preconceptions About Online Training

Learn How To Determine Employee Preconceptions About Online Training In adults, views about the boss can influence your pleasure or misery in the workplace. You might think you love or hate your job when it’s really colleagues or the boss guiding your sentiments. This equally applies to career advancement pursuits. So, before you implement online … Read more