How To Boost Onboarding With A Learning Platform

Empower Your Learners With A Learning Platform The onboarding process is vital for retaining the company’s talent pool. As per a Brandon Hall Group study, organizations with a strong onboarding process boosted the new hire retention rate by 82% and productivity by over 70% [1]. In addition to the socialization process, advanced learning tools make … Read more

Develop A Gamification Design Framework For Onboarding Training

How To Establish A Gamification Design System For Your New Hire Training Onboarding training is, which usually takes the motivation right out of your new recruits. They’re aware of the benefits and that it’s part of their new job description. However, that doesn’t make the experience any less agonizing. The good news is that you … Read more

Making Employee Onboarding Fun – eLearning Industry

Making Employee Onboarding Fun And Meaningful Striking the right musical chord is critical for a good symphony. Tailoring an onboarding process to someone’s role, skills, and aspirations adds a personal touch to the onboarding journey, which can at some point translate into a learning journey. In addition to this, connecting the new hires to the … Read more