Employee Experience Metrics: 3 Must-Haves

You Can Only Manage What You Measure Measuring the employee experience (EX) at your organization is critical. A strategy without metrics is like flying blind without fundamental indicators such as altitude, speed, and gas levels. You can use several metrics to measure EX in your organization, many of which relate to employee engagement, retention, and … Read more

5 Metrics That Can Help With Learning Outcomes

Useful Metrics To Gauge Learning Outcomes It is seldom that learners understand that their learning programs can actually affect their work in terms of actual learning outcomes. But for Learning & Development practitioners and Professional Training Companies, it is imperative. It is not only a question of what the metrics are but how the metrics … Read more

Training Metrics To Evaluate Learning Programs

Use Training Metrics To Improve Learning Outcomes As a learning and development professional, you know that there are many potential definitions of “success” for a training program. The goals, objectives, and vision for your learning program will be based on the needs of the organization. Unfortunately, many organizations struggle to put in place the training … Read more