How To Build A Product Training Program In Your LMS

3 Steps To Successful Product Training Product training is a powerful tool. It can have a huge impact on your company’s success because it helps you: Strengthen customer relationships Enhance your brand’s value Increase sales Improve the customer experience How do these results come up? With product training, learners get a deep dive into your … Read more

Performance Management LMS Solutions – eLearning Industry

5 Tips To Bridge Your Team’s Gaps With Performance Management LMS The typical job experience is to do an interview, make the grade, meet your direct supervisor, and get to work. You might even be introduced to the CEO. But if it’s a large organization, you’ll only interact with your immediate chain of command. That … Read more

Gamification LMS For Continuous Learning

6 Tips To Foster Motivation With A Gamification LMS When people hear “gamification,” they assume it’s about using “serious games” for training; things like simulations or video-game treasure hunts. This isn’t necessarily true. Gamification is about using gaming techniques and metrics for learning and motivation. They don’t have to play actual computer games or slay … Read more

Continuous Learning LMS For Employee Training

How To Raise Employee Performance With Continuous Learning Many organizations make the fatal faux pas of focusing on employee orientation. After the new hires step into the workplace, it’s up to them to seek out external training opportunities. However, while they’re building skills on their own, they may just find another job that values ​​ongoing … Read more