Develop A Gamification Design Framework For Onboarding Training

How To Establish A Gamification Design System For Your New Hire Training Onboarding training is, which usually takes the motivation right out of your new recruits. They’re aware of the benefits and that it’s part of their new job description. However, that doesn’t make the experience any less agonizing. The good news is that you … Read more

7 Reasons To Use Gamification In Business For Boosting Employee Buy-In

Why Gamification In Business Can Increase Employee Training Participation Employees are the lifeblood of your organization. They help customers, seal the deal, and uphold your public image every day. This means that you need their full cooperation in online training. You can only build the buzz to a point and staffers must be emotionally invested … Read more

Differences Between Game-Based Learning And Training Gamification

How Game-Based Learning And Training Gamification Differ While one incorporates levels, badges, and other game mechanics into your current strategy, the other takes a more isolationist approach. The key to finding the best option for your next course design is to know how they contrast and compare. Gamification is more holistic. Incentives fuel learner motivation … Read more

8 Gamification Strategies That Are Based On Psychological Principles

Psychological Principles To Apply To Your Gamification Strategies Unfortunately, you can’t force employees to absorb the information and improve performance behaviors. Idle threats get you nowhere and there’s only so much internal marketing they can take. However, you can use training techniques that draw them in and take one very important factor into consideration: they’re … Read more

Gamification eLearning Examples To Implement In Your Training

Gamification Techniques To Add To Your Business Training There’s still some mystery shrouding training gamification. Most organizations have a general idea of ​​the benefits it brings but aren’t sure how to use it to their advantage. How do you incorporate rewards, levels, and other gaming elements into your current course? Is there a way to … Read more

Gamification LMS For Continuous Learning

6 Tips To Foster Motivation With A Gamification LMS When people hear “gamification,” they assume it’s about using “serious games” for training; things like simulations or video-game treasure hunts. This isn’t necessarily true. Gamification is about using gaming techniques and metrics for learning and motivation. They don’t have to play actual computer games or slay … Read more

Pros And Cons Of Gamification

How To Use Gamification Effectively Gamification doesn’t just apply to video games. It’s everywhere. Teachers use it to educate students. Companies use it to incite sales, and organizations use it to motivate and engage employees. Gamification is a great tool, but some things need to be considered for it to be effective in the workplace. … Read more