The Future Of Innovative Learning

Gamification Is Redefining The Future of eLearning In recent years, the concept of EdTech has completely transformed. From interactive learning based on animations to applications, students and enthusiasts from all age groups have experienced the benefits offered. However, another interesting transition that has brought a very positive change to the EdTech industry is the introduction … Read more

Here’s why blended and hybrid learning are the future of education

Blended and hybrid learning models were first introduced to extend personalized and flexible learning options to selected individuals or groups of students. But with onset of the pandemic, widespread adoption of blended and hybrid models suddenly became a necessity across all student populations. Two years later, how have districts overcome the initial challenges and … Read more

Future School Leaders, Niamh Reynolds

This article is part of an editorial series on Future School Leaders By Susan Roberts First Published: Thursday 17 March, 2022 Updated: Thursday 17 March, 2022 Niamh Reynolds is the Early Years Performance Arts Teacher and KS1 Art Teacher at Arcadia School, Dubai. Niamh says her approach enables confidence-building and independence for her young students … Read more

Custom eLearning Benefits For The Future Of Work

Benefits Of Bespoke eLearning There’s always the option to purchase off-the-shelf training solutions. But that often limits personalization, as the content may not align with your brand image or desired outcomes. Then there’s custom content development in-house. However, this route puts a strain on your L&D team, development timeline, and budget. Thankfully, there is a … Read more