Psychological Factors In Virtual Learning

Making The Human Connection: Which Psychological Factors Should L&D Pros Have In Mind? This article is part of a series on overcoming remote working challenges by building learning experiences that are based on solid learning science. What you are about to read is a fable. The company, AshCom, is fictional, but the learning challenges faced … Read more

Game-Based Learning Budgeting Factors To Consider

Factors To Consider For Your Game-Based Learning Budget eLearning games are all the rage, but will they help you improve online training ROI? Game-based learning can boost engagement and improve on-the-job performance. But only if you know your financial limits and create a realistic expense sheet. This will also help you secure funding from the … Read more

Crucial Job Satisfaction Factors To Consider

9 Top Job Satisfaction Factors To Consider You need to provide remote and on-site team members with personalized support, new L&D opportunities, and work flexibility to reduce turnover rates. You must also consider their emotional states and stress levels when developing job roles. Let’s look at some of the most crucial satisfaction components to think … Read more