Make Your Compliance Training Engaging With A Learning Platform

How To Create Enjoyable Compliance Training A conversation between two colleagues: Jenny: You completed the online compliance module so soon.Jeff: Just skimmed through the content. It is too long and boring. I have to complete my tasks. We will get manuals and PDFs after the training. I will read them later. This kind of compliance … Read more

Louisiana Public Broadcasting Renews Long-Term Partnership Supporting the Design and Delivery of Engaging Learning Experiences in Classrooms Statewide

SILVER SPRING, MD (Wednesday, May 11, 2022)— Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB) today announced the renewal of its long-term partnership with Discovery Education, the worldwide edtech leader whose state-of-the-art digital platform supports learning wherever it takes place. LPB’s renewal of its 19-year collaboration with Discovery Education provides educators high-quality digital content from Discovery Education’s award-winning K-12 … Read more

L&D Programs: Make Them Engaging

Why Corporate eLearning Fails And How To Prevent It The human brain is a complex organ [1] that never stops growing neurons [2] and requires continuous learning to build and recondition neural pathways [3]. But it also needs novelty to memorize new concepts easier and understand how they work. That means that humans are innately … Read more

How To Create An Engaging Product Training Strategy

Building A Successful Product Training Strategy The more your employees know about your products and services, the better they can serve your customers. But it’s not always easy to get employees excited about product knowledge training. Busy schedules and a preference for training that’s more directly related to their career goals can get in the … Read more

Making Compliance Training Engaging – eLearning Industry

Make Compliance Training Engaging You are a pharmaceutical rep for a large pharmaceutical company. You have a busy week ahead. Lots of meetings to attend. Client meetings. Project meetings. And best of all, you need to complete a compliance training course. You aren’t impressed that you have to complete another boring compliance training course! You’ve … Read more