Utilizing Microlearning As The Best Effective Frontline Employee Format

Is Microlearning The Best Format For Frontline Employees? Microlearning isn’t just fragmenting content into small chunks, but it is about the creation of small microlearning as a way of transferring knowledge. The fundamental benefits that microlearning conveys are below. eBook Release COVID And The Great Resignation: Reimagining The Frontline Workplace And How Employers Can Compete … Read more

Ease Employee Preconceptions About Online Training

Learn How To Determine Employee Preconceptions About Online Training In adults, views about the boss can influence your pleasure or misery in the workplace. You might think you love or hate your job when it’s really colleagues or the boss guiding your sentiments. This equally applies to career advancement pursuits. So, before you implement online … Read more

7 Reasons To Use Gamification In Business For Boosting Employee Buy-In

Why Gamification In Business Can Increase Employee Training Participation Employees are the lifeblood of your organization. They help customers, seal the deal, and uphold your public image every day. This means that you need their full cooperation in online training. You can only build the buzz to a point and staffers must be emotionally invested … Read more

Employee Training And Development Strategies

Employee Training And Development As digital transformation continues to influence the corporate world, the need to evolve with the latest trends has become inevitable. To remain in contention, several progressive organizations have improved the skills of their workforce in various ways. One of these methods is to focus on employee training and development. Companies that … Read more

Setting An Employee Development Strategy Timeline

How To Set A Realistic Employee Development Strategy Timeline You can’t foresee unexpected delays or collaborative roadblocks. For example, you’re using new software to create interactive content, and the UI is more challenging than expected. It’s even more difficult to plan for these scheduling slip-ups when outsourcing is involved. Since, in many cases, the custom … Read more

Advantages Of Game-Based Learning In Employee Development Training

The Pros Of Gamification Design In Your Employees’ Development Training Staffers expect ongoing training and support from your organization. But they know it usually comes in the form of boring, bland, and/or lengthy ILT sessions. Game-based learning gives you the opportunity to blow those preconceptions out of the water. Levels, engaging characters, and realistic challenges … Read more

Find The Right Outsourcing Partner For Employee Wellness Programs

The Whys And Hows Of Outsourcing Employee Wellness Programs Businesses have been focusing on workplace wellness more and more in recent years, guided by the wants of their employees. As a result, employers are now investing in employee wellness programs to support their employees through everyday challenges and help them maintain their physical and mental … Read more