8 Elements That Might Be Missing

What May Be Missing From Your Internal eLearning Marketing Strategy “If you build it, they will come” doesn’t necessarily apply to online training. You may have devoted countless resources and a whole lot of overtime to get your eLearning course design just right, but it’s not going to promote itself. You need a solid internal … Read more

Elements Of Learning Experiences To Be Aware Of

Awesome eLearning Experiences Are Art And Science Over the past few years, everything in the way we live, work, and learn has changed and continues to transform rapidly. Learners need to think differently so that they can tackle problems and find new solutions. These changing needs of learners created a demand for immersive learning experiences. … Read more

7 Elements To Include In Training Games To Boost Emotional Connectivity

Crucial Training Game Ingredients That Improve Emotional Connectivity People don’t usually associate feelings with online training. It’s simply part of the job description and emotions don’t enter the picture. However, cultivating an emotional connection is crucial for effective knowledge retention and application. Employees must be able to immerse themselves in the situation, feel for the … Read more