Boosting Your eLearning Business Listing With PPC

8 Steps To Boost Your eLearning Business Listing With PPC Social media and content marketing usually get all the attention. However, an eLearning business listing is a must for organizations that want to improve SEO and generate qualified leads. You can maximize results with pay-per-click (PPC) which gets you premium placement, flexible performance reports, and … Read more

Classroom Management Software: Features – eLearning Industry

Features You Need In Your Class Management Software Class management software is a software application that manages the documentation, administration, reporting, and tracking of classrooms, training programs, online events, and lectures. It is also used to automate registration and record-keeping. When it comes to effective classroom management, having the right software can make a huge … Read more

Structured Problem-Solving: eLearning Skills 2030

Acrononyms With An Edge: PDCA, DMAIC, And OODA Loop As machines become cognitive become more accurate and intelligent, we humans will need to sharpen our skills. One of your primary responsibilities as a Learning and Development (L&D) leader is to ensure that you empower the workforce to develop the four sets of skills that are … Read more

Career Opportunities In Blockchain – eLearning Industry

Blockchain Technology Careers When we envision a career in technology, we all want to work in a space that is not just growing but also fuels our creativity. And from which technology can you expect such a combination other than blockchain? Blockchain is one of the fastest-growing technologies on a global skills index. The technology … Read more

Custom eLearning Software: Reasons To Opt For It

Benefits Of Custom eLearning Software Solutions The term “custom eLearning” has been gaining popularity as more and more businesses are realizing the benefits of this form of training delivery. Whether you’re using eLearning to train your own employees or getting clients to invest in training services, custom eLearning software helps you provide convenient and engaging … Read more

Fraud Prevention Measures In The eLearning Industry Directory

Fraud Prevention Works In The eLearning Industry Directory For Content Development Companies They say that there’s no such thing as bad publicity, but I beg to differ. Biased and sponsored reviews can damage your reputation. There’s nothing wrong with constructive criticism, however, fake ratings unjustly cast doubt on your brand image. For this reason, the … Read more

Problem-Based Learning Using Technology – eLearning Industry

Online Problem-Based Learning Problem-based learning (PBL) is an instructional approach that emphasizes collaborative and self-directed learning. Usually, students collaborate in teams to decide what information is needed to resolve a problem situation. Even though PBL has been around since the 1960s, online PBL is much more than a linear approach to problem-solving. It focuses on … Read more