Data Analytic Trends: Are They Reshaping EdTech?

Data Analytics Trends With the rapid rise of technology, many educators today are exploring various ways to draw from new computational methods. Specifically, data analytics is at the forefront of this technological shift because it has the power to yield more tailored information for teachers and students, provide new insight into teaching and learning behaviors, … Read more

Bamboo Learning’s “Comprehension Through Conversation” EdTech Solution for K–5 Students Gaining Momentum

SEATTLE—March 7, 2022—Bamboo Learning, Inc. Today announced that Bamboo learning EDU, the first “Comprehension Through Conversation” learning application for students in grades K through 5 introduced in January 2022, has been selected for an innovative student literacy pilot at the John Rex Charter School (JRCS) in Oklahoma City. JRCS, which was recognized as a 2020 … Read more