Develop A Gamification Design Framework For Onboarding Training

How To Establish A Gamification Design System For Your New Hire Training Onboarding training is, which usually takes the motivation right out of your new recruits. They’re aware of the benefits and that it’s part of their new job description. However, that doesn’t make the experience any less agonizing. The good news is that you … Read more

CUD students develop award-winning app for people of determination

CUD student develop award-winning app for people of determination Immersive tech solution wins first prize at two entrepreneurship competitions 14 April 2022, Dubai, UAE: An entrepreneurship team from Canadian University Dubai (CUD) has developed a new application to assist people of determination to pursue employment by providing home-based, work-related training using virtual reality. These entrepreneurial … Read more

5 Tips To Design And Develop Impactful eLearning

Impactful eLearning: Taking Instructional Design To The Next Level No matter your experience level in creating eLearning courses, designing an asynchronous learning experience is a very different challenge than authoring an instructor-led classroom or live online course. It’s more than a set of PowerPoint slides; the learner needs to experience real-life scenarios, try out tasks, … Read more