Tell-Signs That Your Online Training Data Is At Risk

Is Your Online Training Data In Harm’s Way? It’s not just sensitive company policies and compliance content you need to safeguard in the system. There is also user data that employees and clients entrust with your organization. But how do you know if your online training data is safely tucked away in the virtual database? … Read more

Data Security For eLearning App Development

Tips To Reduce Data Security Issues In eLearning Apps eLearning systems have gained a lot of popularity, especially more recently [1]. eLearning has majorly grown in popularity because of its ability to address the ongoing scarcity of skilled tutors and qualified teachers in institutions of higher learning. This explains why there has been an immense … Read more

Introducing a new State and District Data Validation Tool for SKYWARD® Users

KALAMAZOO, Michigan – APRIL 6, 2022 – Level Data, Inc. Announces a new suite of data validation tools for districts using the Skyward brand Student Information System (SIS). Level Data is a privately-held SaaS Company working with over 1,200 school districts and more than 5 million students using their data validation, data integration and reporting … Read more

Data Analytic Trends: Are They Reshaping EdTech?

Data Analytics Trends With the rapid rise of technology, many educators today are exploring various ways to draw from new computational methods. Specifically, data analytics is at the forefront of this technological shift because it has the power to yield more tailored information for teachers and students, provide new insight into teaching and learning behaviors, … Read more