How To Create An Engaging Product Training Strategy

Building A Successful Product Training Strategy The more your employees know about your products and services, the better they can serve your customers. But it’s not always easy to get employees excited about product knowledge training. Busy schedules and a preference for training that’s more directly related to their career goals can get in the … Read more

Learning Organizations: How To Create One

Four Key Strengths Of A True Learning Organization Today’s business realities teach us that individuals and organizations must learn, unlearn and relearn faster, better, and more often. For a growing number of leaders, learning and innovation are considered the only truly sustainable competitive advantages. In his landmark book The Art and Practice of the Learning … Read more

How To Create An Emotional Connection With Your Audience

Is Your Content Helping You Connect With Your Readers? Creating content has become a very popular way of promoting the services of your brand to potential clients. As a result, many businesses are devoting resources to creating an online community where professionals can turn to for specialized insight. However, to be established as a thought … Read more

Empowering SMEs To Create eLearning Modules

Increased Demand On Learning And Development (L&D) Teams To Create eLearning Modules It’s becoming increasingly challenging for L&D teams to keep up with learning content demand from the business. Most L&D teams aren’t created to be “content factories” churning out mass amounts of learning resources day in, day out. They are there to make strategic … Read more

Tips To Create Impactful Virtual Training Experiences

Beat Zoom Fatigue With 6 Tips To Engage And Motivate Today’s learners have so much content competing for their attention. Hybrid and remote working environments only add to this challenge, with online collaboration, meetings, group chats, and virtual training all vying for their time. It’s no surprise then that companies are emracing video-free working days … Read more