Build A Continuous Employee Experience Strategy

Three Steps For Continuous Employee Experience Improvement Congratulations! You listened to your employees, engaged your stakeholders, incorporated the foundational values ​​of DEI&B, defined your metrics for success, and successfully launched your employee experience (EX) strategy. You are done! Hm, actually no, you are not done because the journey continues. The employee experience morphs and changes … Read more

Gamification LMS For Continuous Learning

6 Tips To Foster Motivation With A Gamification LMS When people hear “gamification,” they assume it’s about using “serious games” for training; things like simulations or video-game treasure hunts. This isn’t necessarily true. Gamification is about using gaming techniques and metrics for learning and motivation. They don’t have to play actual computer games or slay … Read more

5 Continuous Training Challenges To Overcome

5 Common Continuous Training Challenges To Overcome You’ve probably pulled all-nighters to get through important exams. We routinely do it for compliance matters as well, but it’s not healthy or effective. You’ll forget everything the second you leave the exam room. Sometimes, even the moment you enter it, thanks to pre-test nerves. In the corporate … Read more

Continuous Learning Resources For Businesses

5 Continuous Learning Resources For Corporate Training Babies acquire language organically. They watch and listen to “verbal” friends and family. This type of immersion is still considered the best way to learn a language. (Though it gets tougher as we get older.) At the core of these learning experiences is repetition. And this principle applies … Read more

Continuous Learning LMS For Employee Training

How To Raise Employee Performance With Continuous Learning Many organizations make the fatal faux pas of focusing on employee orientation. After the new hires step into the workplace, it’s up to them to seek out external training opportunities. However, while they’re building skills on their own, they may just find another job that values ​​ongoing … Read more