Informal Learning In Compliance Online Training

3 Benefits And 3 Drawbacks Of Informal Learning In Your Compliance Online Training Course Informal education usually refers to things you learn unconsciously. For example, infants learn to speak informally. They listen to the adults around them speak, and they pick up words, syntax, and intonation. When they go to school and learn to read … Read more

Interactive Assessments For Compliance Training

Perks Of Interactive Assessments For A Compliance Training Program There are two notable perks of using interactive assessments in your compliance online training. The first is that your employees are no longer passive test-takers but active participants in the evaluation process. The second is that you gauge not just how much they know but how … Read more

Online Compliance Training: 6 Signs It’s Heavy

6 Signs That Your Compliance Training Can Be Tiring For Your Learners Think about the basic steps of compliance training. Your learners need to know regulations, preferably word-for-word. They should know what each word means, and what areas it covers. They have to be familiar with what constitutes non-compliance, and how far they can dance … Read more

How To Make Compliance Training Fun And Exciting

Compliance Training While compliance training still remains and of legal importance, the industry has challenged the notice that compliance training is no fun. Gone are the days of hard, serious, and no-play training. Training and learning are integral parts of any organization’s growth and this is also true for the employees. The training industry has … Read more

Making Compliance Training Engaging – eLearning Industry

Make Compliance Training Engaging You are a pharmaceutical rep for a large pharmaceutical company. You have a busy week ahead. Lots of meetings to attend. Client meetings. Project meetings. And best of all, you need to complete a compliance training course. You aren’t impressed that you have to complete another boring compliance training course! You’ve … Read more

7 Tips To Hire A Content Provider For Compliance Training Games

How To Hire An eLearning Content Provider For Compliance Training Gamification Compliance training is not the most entertaining topic. In fact, most of your employees would rather do just about anything to avoid another ILT presentation or overdramatized safety video. That includes root canals and cleaning the bathroom. Fortunately, there is a secret weapon in … Read more