Course Selection: Help Students Choose Classes

Based On The CourseQ Study (2021) Many of us have been first-year university students at some point in life—excited but totally lost. From being lost on a physical campus to being lost in a university Learning Management System, starting university can be intimidating. Course catalogs are no exception: the variety of options is often fascinating … Read more

8 Tips To Choose The Best VR Training Software For Your Budget

How To Choose The Best VR Training Software Within Your Budget VR software helps you create immersive 3D training environments for your team; safe spaces that facilitate hands-on training from a distance. In other words, it’s a dream come true for companies that want to build experiential knowledge during the COVID-19 crisis. You can also … Read more

Why UAE Students Choose BTEC and the IB CP

By Susan Roberts First Published: Tuesday 5 April, 2022 Updated: Tuesday 5 April, 2022 Many UAE schools are offering the option of post-16 vocational qualifications for students to develop hands-on career-related skills and experiences while achieving the qualifications required for entry into top universities. While previously selected by only a small number of UAE students, … Read more

Technology Stack For eLearning App: How To Choose

Educational Software From Scratch: Essential Tech Creating an adjustable User Interface is only one aspect of developing an eLearning app. It’s also about developing a secure, scalable, and feature-rich app that helps the corporate software development company produce cash while pleasing clients and prospects. This is where selecting the appropriate technology stack becomes critical. It … Read more