Lulling Story Books For Bedtime

Are you looking for good bedtime stories for pajama time? We’ve got you! Here are our favorite bedtime books for young children to enjoy a good night’s sleep. We are sharing 27 children’s book for kids of all ages. Here are the best bedtime books! Best Bedtime Story Books Reading a good book before sleeping … Read more

15 Greek Mythology Books for Kids

Kids love Greek mythology– and what’s not to love? They’re action-packed, drama-filled, funny, and adventurous stories, albeit occasionally inappropriate, but not if you read middle-grade books like Percy Jackson or Myth-O-Mania. The Greek Patheon encourages growing readers to read both nonfiction and fiction books, which build skills and background knowledge. The Greek mythology books on … Read more

Read Alongs And Playaways: Books That Talk to Kids

Read Along & Playaways: Books That Talk to Kids by Meredith Bartolo Pappas Remember old-school books on tape? Read Along, like Vox Books, are the updated version with the tagline “Books That Talk.” They are books that have mechanisms connected to them that play an audio recording of the story, complete with sounds that signal … Read more

20 New Picture Books (June 2022)

What an incredible batch of new picture books this month! I can’t wait to tell you about them… New Picture Books (June 2022) Every Dog in the Neighborhood by Phillip C. Stead, illustrated by Matthew Cordell DOG ADOPTIONGrandma insists that Louis doesn’t need a dog because there are already enough dogs in the neighborhood. Since … Read more

K-12 Students Access 100 Million+ Digital Books from their Schools with Sora Reading App

CLEVELAND – June 7, 2022 – Digital book access for reading and listening for K-12 students has reached a milestone. Students using the free Sora student reading app have now accessed more than 100 million books from their school’s digital collections since Sora launched in 2018. Sora is the award-winning student reading app available in … Read more

Books About the Human Body

As kids grow, they learn the names of their body parts and what each part does for caregivers and each year, they understand more about the anatomy of the body, learning the five senses in preschool and later during elementary ages, about the organs and systems of the body. But, we can also support a … Read more

12 Star Wars Books For All Ages

Use the force and these fantastic Star Wars books for all ages to help interest your kids in both Star Wars and reading! written by Meredith Bartolo Pappas Even though Star Wars used to be something geared for older kids and adults, now there are even funny books starring Darth Vader for toddlers. There is … Read more