Picture Books That Celebrate the Library (and Librarians)

Do you love the library and your librarians as much as I do? Celebrate the library and the wonderful librarians who work there with these memorable children’s books (picture books and middle-grade books).

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Luna Loves Library Day
by Joseph Coelho, illustrated by Fiona Lumbers
Luna’s parents live apart. On library day, her mom drops her off to meet her dad. She and her dad look at books and read books and play. Luna loves library day. There’s a sweetness in Luna’s family situation as well as a playfulness around books that make this a jewel of a book that shows a mixed-race family. Love, love, love. (Added to: Multicultural Children’s Picture Books with Diverse Main Characters.)

Lyric McKerrigan, Secret Librarian
by Jacob Sager Weinstein, illustrated by Vera Brosgol
Because librarians can save the day… Doctor Glockenspiel is threatening to have his giant moth army eat ALL the world’s books. It’s up to Lyric McKerrigan (secret librarian) to stop him. She sneaks into his hideout, disguised as a plumber, uses books to distract the guards, rescues the captured ninjas, and subdues the moths with …a story. Then, Doctor Glockenspiel is sent to the Depository for the Criminally Naughty where he can never harm another book!

Ronan the Librarian
by Tara Luebbe and Becky Cattie, illustrated by Victoria Maderna
Barbarians like the mighty Ronan and his people don’t read books. They invade, raid, and trade. Then, one pillage goes horribly wrong because they only find BOOKS. Even so, Ronan notices the pictures and starts reading. Soon, he spends all his spare time reading. “He invaded and raided and read.” But, how can Ronan get the other barbarians to read? Can you guess? He reads aloud to them…and it hooks them on books! Soon, Ronan becomes the community’s librarian, sharing and recommending books with his fellow barbarians. Playful, funny, and perfect for reading aloud with the best literacy message: READING is for everyone and everyone can love books…even barbarians.

The Library
by Sarah Stewart, illustrated by David Small
Elizabeth loves books. Books, books, books! Soon her book collection has outgrown her house. She solves this by making her home a library — and moving into a friend’s house.

Busy People Librarian
by Lucy M. George, illustrated by Ando Twin
I’m enthusiastic to any book that celebrates the library like this does! It’s time for story time. Rita, the librarian, helps everyone feel welcome and interested — today’s a birthday celebration for the library. First they read several books about parties and then the kids share a birthday cake. Then Rita helps Evan find a book about rocket ships and space. Learn about what a librarian does as well as other busy people that librarians work with such as authors, teachers, and parents.

Schomburg: The Man Who Built a Library
by Carole Boston Weatherford, illustrated by Eric Velasquez
During the Harlem Renaissance, Arturo Schomburg collected books about Africa. So many books that he eventually donates his collection to the New York Public Library. His collection is now known as the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture.

Waiting for the Biblioburro
by Monica Brown, illustrated by John Parra
Some libraries, like in Ana’s village, travel to you on a four-legged animal. Ana’s library travels on two burros and brings her all the books she can read.

The Book Woman
by Heather Henson, illustrated by David Small
The Book Woman keeps bringing books to where Cal and his family live in the Appalachian Mountains. After watching his sister read, Cal’s reluctance turns to interest and he asks her to teach him to read.

Thomas and the Library Lady
by Pat Mora, illustrated by Raul Colon
Based on the true story of Tomás Rivera, the son of migrant workers. During the summer, a librarian helps him discover the wonder of books and stories.

Dragons are rude, they set things on fire, they break things, all in all, there are a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t bring your dragon to the library. So, why not borrow books for your dragon to enjoy at home? Excellent rules for dragon owners!

A Library Book for Bear
by Bonny Becker, illustrated by Kady MacDonald Denton
Mouse convinces his grumpy friend, Bear, to go to the library and he’ll find the right book. Bear gets more and more cranky as Mouse shows him different books. But will Bear change his tune when he hears the librarian?

A Book for Benny
by Judith Koppens, illustrated by Marja Meijer
Sam wants to keep reading but her dog, Benny, wants to play. That’s why Sam decides to take Benny to the library and get a book just for him. It takes a few tries but she finds the perfect book — a cookbook on sausages.

Chapter Books That Celebrate the Library and Librarians
Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein
Kyle and a few classmates win a sleepover at the town’s newly created library by game-creator Lemoncello. The silly Mr. Lemoncello devises a fun way to get OUT of the library — you can only get out if you solve the puzzles around the entire library. Will the kids work together or will it be every child for himself? Kids can’t put this literary adventure book down.

Chapter Books That Celebrate the Library and Librarians
Like Magic
by Elaine Vickers, illustrated by Sara Not
Three 10-year old girls, each who is struggling and lonely, find comfort and eventual friendship all because of a wonderful librarian and a treasure box she lets them check out and fill. This is a beautiful story of friendship and a tribute to all the amazing librarians who know and care about all of us who visit the library.

Lenora steps into a section of the library that suddenly appears under an arch that reads, “Knowledge is a light.There, she takes a job as a librarian which begins her marvelous and bizarre adventure …at the Calendar help desk, on the world’s largest globe, conversing with robots and whales and penguins and ants, shrinking and growing, and ultimately fighting bad guys in bowler hats who want censorship, ignorance, and fear.

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