Asking The Right Questions: eLearning Skills 2030

Questions Can Spark Innovation And Better Outcomes As machines become cognitive become more accurate and intelligent, we humans will need to sharpen our skills. One of your primary responsibilities as a learning and development leader is to ensure that you empower the workforce to develop the four sets of skills that are critical to thriving … Read more

How Prepared are UAE Teens for University Life Overseas?

By Susan Roberts Updated: Tuesday 24 May, 2022 For expat teens in the UAE, leaving school for university often means leaving home and venturing overseas to live independently for the first time. This is a significant source of concern for many families, and understandably so; Suddenly managing one’s own finances, personal safety, schedules, transport and … Read more

Kregzo & BITS Pilani Dubai Co-Organize ‘EMPOWER 2022’ A Unique Event Launching Student Startups To Success

Kregzo & BITS Pilani Dubai Co-Organize ‘EMPOWER 2022’ A Unique Event Launching Student Startups To Success prize of up to AED 10,000 as winners of Pitchverse. Talking about the win, Nikitha Abigail, founder of Relphacaresaid “The only way RelphaCare Technologies could have come alive in the way that it did, was through the collaboration among … Read more

Tips To Bridge The Geographical Divide With Learning Sociology

Cultivating A Collaborative Learning Culture With Learning Sociology This article is part of a series on overcoming remote working challenges by building learning experiences that are based on solid learning science. What you are about to read is a fable. The company, AshCom, is fictional, but the learning challenges faced by Kathryn, AshCom’s CLO, and … Read more

The Best Sandra Boynton Books

written by Meredith Bartolo Pappas Reading a Sandra Boynton board book is like getting ready for bed by putting on your comfiest party clothes, cozy and celebratory all at once! It’s almost impossible to miss her expansive collection even if you don’t have children in your life since it includes everything from board book sets … Read more

New Picture Books (May 2022)

From starting school to learning to swim and flying on an airplane, here are 20 new picture books about a variety of topics that your readers will enjoy. New Picture Books (May 2022) The Queen of Kindergarten by Derrick Barnes, illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton BACK TO SCHOOLMJ is excited about her first day of school. … Read more

5 Use Cases For Custom eLearning

Connecting The Dots Between Learning And Action The days of serving up content to a captive audience are mandatory over—and rightfully so. In our new normal of screen fatigue and ever-more-fragmented attention, learning is subject to the same market forces as the apps, streaming services, social platforms, and games that compete for learners’ attention. [1]. … Read more